Freitag, 27. September 2013

Documentation Update as Part of Release 5.0

In the meantime we published CaptainCasa Enterprise Client 5.0. We did not (yet) spread the message out, but are very close to do so... - background: we used the opprtunity to clean up some areas of CaptainCasa Enterprise Client, which are not related to the big "JavaFX message":
  • The Developer's Guide was updated - some chapters (e.g. page navigation, workplace management) were completely rewritten. The whole Guide now bases on PageBeans being used for development consistently.
  • The Demo workplace was updated as well: first of all we really had to exchange our "wp"-dispatcher by a "d"-dispatcher... In the documentation we have "#{d." expression everywhere, but the demo workplace had "#{wp." - this always was somehow confusing. And: all the examples showing navigation now also are based on page beans navigation.
  • We added two new tech documents: one describing typical page bean patterns, one describing how to sign the client side jar files, so that the user sees your company behind the client software (and neither "Unknown publisher" nor "CaptainCasa").
  • ...and, related to this: we now deliver the client side JAR-files with a CaptainCasa certificate.
Please note: from 4.0 compatibility point of view, the 5.0 update is a "normal" update. There is no special thing to follow: it is a direct successor of the 4.0 line. The key message of the 5.0 release is: JavaFX is now an official part - and not "in beta" as before.