Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

JavaFX based Rich Client Applications - IX. CaptainCasa Community Meeting

Begin of October 2013 we released version 5.0 of our rich client framework "CaptainCasa Enterprise Client". Version 5.0 now includes a full JavaFX frontend, running as rich client in front of server side business applications.

All tooling is available in JavaFX as well, so the framework is 100% JavaFX!

This year's CaptainCasa Community Meeting on 11th of December 2013 is a good opportunity to get to know the framework, the people around it - and to see a lot of JavaFX being used in the context of (big) business applications...! The community meeting is held in Heidelberg, Germany. More information is available here:

In case of interest please contact

CaptainCasa Demo Workplace, screenshot: