Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2015

Post processing of panoarama photos - FX based tool "Horizon Straightener"

...well, this is some private project - but you may use the results, if you like what I am doing here. (Terms of use: just use it!)

You may stitch certain photos to form a panorama using software like e.g. Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor). There are other tools available, search the Internet for "stitch panorama"... The result of stitching quite often is a panorama, in which the horizon is not perfectly straight. The effort you then have to spend to straighten the horizon is always quite some hell.

This was the reason, why I wrote a JavaFX based tool to simplify this process.

Before - after straightening Screenshot

In the tool you can draw a new horizon line in a simple way - the whole image will be re-arranged using this new horizon line.

Please feel free to use the tool, if you want to use it. Installation is available here:

Some documentation is available here:

The tool comes as .exe-setup program for Windows. The default installation location is your user's local directory. Please do NOT install it in Windows/Program Files! The installation contains "everything" that is required to run the tool (including the Java runtime).

Forgive me for not providing a MaxOS installer yet - it's just my lazyness...