Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

FX Client Update

We made a new version of our FX client available ("News" on http://www.CaptainCasa.com). The following features are now implemented:

...we now have a real HTML editor - which is part of the standard control set of JavaFX. This was always some lack in the Swing client: the missing of a simple, but working!, HTML editor

...all FILEUPLOAD* and FILEDOWNLOAD* components are available again. Nice: in JavaFX the original file dialogs of the operating system are used for choosing a file - no more home written Swing-Dialogs here anymore!
Unfortunately there is one annoying missing feature: the full file name cannot be proposed into the file selection dialog, but only a directory name can be proposed. This feature is coming with JavaFX 3.

...LONGPOLLING, which is an invisible component, is working

...the grid does not support all internal features yet (e.g. selection without going back to the server), but it re-gains feature by feature! Below you see a rather complex grid - in which a grid is arranged within a grid cell itself. If this has any practical relevance...? I am not too sure...

So, development is going on quite busily. We also made the first checks for memory leaks (and of course found some issues...) - and really feel so good in a Java based  client environment: start Visual VM, start the client, observe it and profile it - and get clear results about instances which are not removed properly...!