Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Update of FX Enterprise Client demo

The FX Enterprise Client is under busy development! We now published a new version as demo: please follow this link.

A couple of improvements were added. Just to name some:

...grid headers are fully functional (sorting, rearranging columns, resizing columns) buttons/groups were added
...different type of menus were added
...the generic value help now works
...and the annoying bug that the UI sometimes had problems to accept double-clicks is fixed.

We currently deliver the demo only as installable .exe file. The reason behind is:

  • well, first we "love" this way of distributing the system without any pre conditions on client side (...other than it should be some Windows client ;-)...) - it's really getting into the direction of installing an "app" rather than doing a "heavy installation"
But there are also currently some restrictions we are confronted with
  • native bundles can only be built on the corresponding platform - we would love to build a MacOS version as well, but (so far) do not have any Mac in our rooms. It would be something verrry nice to be able to build all bundles for all platforms on one device only, but I can definitely understand that there are some problems involved...
  • with Windows bundles you have the choice between ".exe" and ".msi". In principal we would prefer ".msi", but we have not managed yet to build an installer that does NOT require admin rights.
So...: development is going on - we'll regularly let you know about the status via this blog.