Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

FX Client Update

Quite a lot functions were added to out FX client in the recent days. You can test the client by going to
Remember: the client is a thin client written in JavaFX, being fed by a JSF based server application running centrally. Please view more information here: .

The Calendar Field is available, both as stand alone calendar and as popup calendar:

Touch screen support is available. When clicking into corresponding fields a context-specific touch dialog is popping up, allowing direct user input via virtual keyboard.

The schedule control is alive again - supporting all features like drag and drop of items. Both schedule orientation are supported, horizontal and vertical. This is the horizontal example:
The paint area component is available, now using JavaFX based animation, which makes it much nicer than the pseudo-navigation that we have to use with our Swing client.

Also have a look into the client's new scrolling through grids. In order to minimize the round-trips to the server, there is a certain "pseudo scrolling" which makes the use much nicer.

Last but not least: we did some test, using the client on a Linux machine - and were very satisfied with results. Basically we did not find any severe problem yet, so compatibility between Windows-JavaFX and Linux-JavaFX is really good! This is the screen shot showing the client running on Ubuntu 12: